Love. Lead. Flourish.


Hello, friend!

If you have found your way here, you are most likely looking to change some things in your life… for the better!

Rest assured, I’ve most likely been where you are right now – searching for more in life.

I’ve been a student, a stay at home mom, a full-time employee, and a successful entrepreneur throughout the last three decades!

Throughout the many chapters of my life, I’ve struggled to create an authentic and meaningful, purpose-driven career and business; and I’ve also experienced the very best in love, life, relationships and work.

If you’re wondering if there is more to life than being exhausted, building someone else’s dream or being under-employed… Take heart.

And yes, there is MORE!


For years I juggled family and work, always striving toward my calling, my purpose! And YES, I’ve learned a lot about life, relationships, wellness and business along the way.  If you are searching for a meaningful opportunity to live out your gifts and talents on your own terms, I can help. STARTING TODAY.

As a professional encourager, heart-centered entrepreneur and certified coach with a passion for helping people live the life they deserve, I am FOR YOU.  

I may have been where you are right now:

  • A college-educated, young mom looking for a flexible, meaningful career
  • A working outside-the-home mom turned stay-at-home mom
  • An under-employed employee working in the evening so that I could be home with my young children during the day

Fortunately, I found my way into a female-friendly industry that suited my life-long learner spirit and lifestyle with four children.  I followed my heart and my passions and I became:

  • A successful Direct Sales and Network Marketing Professional
  • A Neuroscience Coach specializing in Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • A formally trained Elite Matchmaker/Dating Expert
  • A Healthy Relationship Coach and Life Designer
  • An Educator, Advocate and Ambassador for the federally legal CBD-rich Hemp Oil and Global Hemp Industry

I have 18+ years of leadership experience in Direct Sales and Network Marketing, in both the field and in corporate roles (and yes, I consider these years to be the equivalent of a PhD in my field)!

I’ve learned so much about building successful, home-based businesses – and a great deal about myself as a natural connector, problem solver, and life, relationship and business coach.  I’ve learned that trends, timing, business models and culture/leadership make or break an opportunity and determine its viability and sustainability long-term in the industry. I’ve learned that many people get lost along their way in life and are seeking a better, more meaningful existence.

ABOVE ALL, I’ve learned that you must LOVE who you are, what you do and have support to FLOURISH in all levels of life!  

Help me help you discover your WHY and empower you with a vehicle to change your life.  I invite you to explore working with me. Together we can begin to create an abundant, healthy, happy life you love… the life you deserve, by design.